Colonial Summit Morning Coffee

Some artwork I did last year and just finished this week.

This is a concept art of mountainous mountain peak colony installation that goes above the clouds.

Here is an alien planet that is highly mountainous yet is close to its host yellow star. Marked by the intense yellow light that almost envelops the dark blue night sky. But the planets main feature is the highly protruding mountainous peaks habituated by really green vegetation. This work looks at the early morning sunrise of the planet.

In the sky on the right is the STAV-Phoenix spacecraft making an appearance. I was gonna add the ISTV over on the left side as it orbits but that would just do that in other sci-fi artworks like this.

I did this last year but didn't finish the linework until I made the Phoenix spacecraft.

The phoenix ship drawn in this piece is actually a freestyle line version I rendered in blender.

My line-art is what was the main thing im good at but my coloring is what i've never really done before.. Here the colors are too saturated and the background is not properly lit. But atleast its a try.

This is part of a couple concept art for scifi stories im working on.


You are such a great artist!