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Côte d’Ivoire

Ro Lala


Facade project is just about a girl trying to find her light

2 years ago



San Diego, CA

Enver Studio

Series 2D Animator

Enver Studios is hiring Animators for upcoming projects, with high-action and complex fight choreography experience. We are looking for artists with a good sense of anatomy and movement, and the ability to work with realistic characters in an “anime” style. As a plus, we are also looking for boards/animatics to view. It is possible we might reach out for Storyboarder opportunities when viewing portfolios. If you are interested please submit your application! No phone calls or studio visits, please. Read More...

2 years ago




Luiz Beater

Vtuber Model Needed

Hi! I'm looking to work with someone starting on the 22nd of this month. I'm looking for someone to create a ready to rig 2d vtuber model. I need to wait until the 22nd though for payment since I don't get paid again until then. I'm looking for someone with some experience and am not really wanting to work with newer artists on this sorry.. Read More...

2 years ago




Red Player

Draw my character, Anime or Cartoon Style

I'd like you to draw my character (Its a human guy. I'd upload a picture but I'm new and not allowed to yet lol) wearing a few different outfits. I'm mostly doing this to see what does and doesnt work with him, so I'd actually prefer if you suggested some ideas as well, though I can just pick all the outfits if you're not interested in that part. I'm not too picky about the number of outfits either, so do whatever you'd be comfortable with. All I ask is that you do more than one. I'm fine with waiting a while so I'd say I'd like the turnaround to be around a month. I can wait longer if it's needed. Please send at least one image so I know your art style and a bread emoji to show that you've read all of this. Thanks for reading all of this EDIT: Reading through DMs on Paynco now. No more entries, please. Read More...

2 years ago