Digital Marketing Trends for 2020

Companies are looking forward to 2020 as it will open new doors of endless possibilities. The change, however, is less strategic and more about added updates to contemporary digital marketing practices. As for the consumers, their fixation is based on curiosity and expectations.
With the advent of blockchain, corporations have come to realize the shifting pattern of content consumption by users. Brands want to attain and retain as many consumers for optimal conversions.
And now that the majority of the European firms are also outsourcing digital marketing activities, the need to stand out in the market is more pervasive than ever.

The Rise of AI

AI has already revolutionized the layered mechanism of online maps. Though Google and Apple have been trying to evoke emotional resonance in their AI programs for years, the tech giants may normalize the use of sentiment analysis for more reliable segmentation of users’ data.
Also, the personalization chatbots to resolve complaints is part of the same equation. You can also visit for infos about similar behaviour on twitch.The efficient programming has made the assistance marginally easier for users to register on sites.

Integration of Voice Search

The recognition of speech pattern has been attuned to perfection in the past couple of years. Siri and Google Assistant use the same AI algorithm technique for detection of voice.
Moreover, it took almost a decade to discard faulty and inefficient speech defects on numerous major platforms. This leads to the fact that more than 50% of the online search results will be conducted via voice by 2020.
The textual and voice overlapping affects an SEO’s ability to make sites more accessible. However, firms can implement voice query system to get a better hold of the online content.

Diverse Advertising Campaigns

Though the advertising cost-benefit ratio still remains high on traditional platforms such as TV and Radio, the tendency to consume video content on cellphone devices will only increase with time.

Contrary to popular misconception, more than 32% of the shoppings ads in Europe were not executed by Google AdWords.
The fact remains, digital marketing has conveniently changed the perspective of how ads should be viewed. Therefore, it is probable that the current traditional methods may go obsolete. Germany, for instance, is expected to raise its mobile ad spending by 2020. In the quest for survival, corporations will have to conform to multiple navigations to cover social media platforms, video content, internet, and smartphone devices.

Expansion of Video Content Marketing

Today, video marketing is optimized to the point that the audience can’t think of consuming information other than video content. The millennials and Gen Z have disrupted the very existence of watching TV.
From increased conversion rate, ROI, affordability to boost in site traffic; corporations have just begun to effectively utilize video marketing tool.
Also, the video content optimization on social media platforms and separate video marketing campaigns on YouTube is the indication that firms will continue to capitalize on this visual medium.
Moreover, social media video personalization comparatively takes longer to optimize than YouTube, partly because the design of the content inherently takes the center stage. Marketers need to tailor their products and services according to the suitability of the target market.

SEO Possibilities

Although the use of keywords to build up your ranking on Google is still relevant, the algorithms that derive SEO mechanics are gradually evolving. The tech giant now wants to shift the focus of interest from keywords to the quality of content when it comes to SERP.
The basis of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) still relies on behavioral factors, the usefulness of the content, profile backlinks, and on-page optimization. However, CTR boost now largely depends on the use of captivating video snippets, rich colors, and continuous on-page optimization to establish the trustworthiness of the content.
As Google’s algorithm continues to get better, companies are more concerned to develop the brand image of through their products. Advertisers, on the other hand, can see this as a blessing in disguise to make coherent content that ranks higher than competitors and gets the rightful attention of Google.

Wrap Up
Companies should willingly strive for constant innovation to thrive in the market. And this transformative change in the realm of digital marketing can only be achieved through broad-mindedness of brands to adopt new changes!