Interstellar Transport Vehicle - View 02

A side view of the ships wonderful crew and cargo section that features its full length and appearance. With the good rendering of the background, It really adds to the feel of the ships engineering.
The ISTV model is the cutting edge design of future human interstellar travel. With the biggest budget allocation of any single human construction, It is the biggest risk taken by humanity since the United Nations Space Resource Treaty a century ago.

Currently planned for production of two, Aside from interstellar travel, It will replace its predecessor, The Stellar Transport Vehicle (STV), for the transport of several tonnage of cargo across colonies in the solar system.

With the direct approval of the council, The ISTV will definitely be the biggest technological achievement in human history.

*Inspired by the ISV Venture Star from Avatar(2009), I'm recreating the famous realistic interstellar spacecraft ever put on film and placing my twists and design ideas on it.

With my own interior design and look of the ship, Im trying to examine what the ship would look like internally and recreating its design in a simple way.*