Phoenix SSTO - View 01

The Mark - I Phoenix as it detaches from the ISTV.

With its not too large dimensions and overall lower weight than the titanic Russian Basilisk, The Phoenix holds itself as one of the most efficient transport shuttle for equipment, raw materials from human colonies and personnel.

Unlike the Basilisk, It doesnt occupy too much of space and its overall weight makes it better for transport and attatchment on the ISTV and otheron long stellar travels across the solar system for months or years on end.

WIth the US focus on energy efficient space transport methods, The ion apocalypse still kicks on.

With the capabilities of being both a transport and reconnaissance space/aircraft, The phoenix holds the most efficient flying vehicle made in the 22nd century. Being able to not rely on chemical propulsion, The ion engine also supports to power the turbojet engine for hours at a time.

With the carrying max payload of 150 - 200 tons, Its a jack of all trades of both earth and stellar transport.

Being a Mark - I design, The future for the craft is on the rise.