His cheating drove me to attempt suicide

I was fifteen at the time and didn't really have many friends. I was very happy and felt like nothing could weigh me down. I visited my father every week or two and lived with my mother and sister, I did draw a lot but I didn't take it very seriously as no one else would. I had a boyfriend who I tho...



A strong heart beating.


IShmael fish cartoon

Music video for Ishmael - a song by Vinvent Augustus


How to be more persuasive ?

Speak to the other person's values. ...
Know when -- and when not -- to use emotional language. ...
Harness the power of science. ...
Frame your argument in a personal story. ...
Arrange seating for maximum impact.


Tickera - 3D Explainer Video

Tickera is a WordPress event ticketing system that allows you to sell event tickets on your website and deliver to buyers digitally, without having to give any cut to third parties. There are more than 20 built-in payment gateways plus all WooCommerce gateways.

With Ti...


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