Why Animated Videos are the Best Marketing Strategy in 2020?

Animated videos are fast replacing other forms of content. Haven’t we all noticed them everywhere, right from a doctor’s website to a networking tutorial? They are a fantastic tool of communication that breaks down any information to an easy to understand format and explains complicating ideas with ease.
If you are wondering if you should also use animated videos on your website and social media channels, we will say, ‘why not.’ According to some studies, 65 percent of people are visual learners, which means they retain more information when they watch a video rather than when they read or listen to it.
Another study suggests that people who use the internet daily spend almost 1/3 of their time watching videos. Furthermore, YouTube has reported that people watch a whopping three billion hours of its videos per month, using various devices. Also, having a video on the landing page of a website has shown to increase the conversion rate of business by 80 percent. Still, looking for reasons to use an animated video for your business? Read on.*

1. Animated videos have a high ROI

Marketing professionals claim that animated videos give them the best ROI as compared to other methods of digital marketing. Animated videos get more likes, shares, and bring in leads because people do not mind watching a simplified animated video and responding to it. While the same cannot be said about written content. Even the quirkiest of lines fail to garner the kind of attention that animated videos get.

2. Animated videos can simplify complex topics

An animated video can simplify a concept and make it easy to understand. If you give people definitions, they might turn in their chairs to understand the terminology, but when they watch something, they know better. Say, for example, you want to explain how a cleaning product cleans the interiors of the cars. If you explain it in a few paragraphs, your audience may not understand how it works. Still, if you will show the whole procedure using fun, animated characters, they will recognize and will also remember. This way, you reach out better, and you sell even better.

3. Animated videos build an emotional connection

Animated videos can make an instant bond with the viewer by reigniting their fondest of memories. When a person related a brand with the mind, he/she tends to remember the brand for a long time and may also prefer it over others for that simple reason. So, animated videos can psychologically bind the viewers to a brand and work wonders for the business.

4. Animated videos can reach far and wide

Animated videos shared on social media can easily travel across the world and have the caliber to go viral. If that happens, as in, a video goes viral, a brand stands to get astounding attention and, of course, business. But, there’s big but here, and that is, not all videos go viral. The content of your animated video has to be relevant, fun, and easy to understand. Also, you have to share your content on the right platforms like Ayewind, which provides you with a competitive platform to share your work and discover new opportunities through them.

5. Animated videos statistics are easily measurable

Videos on YouTube, Ayewind, or any platform for that matter come with a measuring backend tool. Using these, you can easily count how many times your video has been viewed, which viewer has viewed your video multiple times, and also other details like how many times has it been shared, many likes, and average viewing time. These numbers can help you as a business owner to gauge the success of your animated video and plan for future marketing initiatives.

6. Animated videos are easy to change with time

As a brand grows and changes, so does its marketing material. Imagine making changes in a traditional marketing video with a real location and cast. In that case, a brand will have to rehire the models, rebook the place, and may have to go through many other steps like voice recording, editing, etc. In the case of animated videos, you can easily make the changes in the animation and get going with your new marketing material.
Making an animated video is not a costly affair. Even small businesses can take advantage of animated videos that travel faster, have a positive impact on the audience, and bring in ROI with minimal efforts.